The State of Mizoram is 21,087 Sq. Km in area lies in the North Eastern part of India. It is bounded by Myanmar in the east and Bangladesh in the west. The border between Mizoram and Myanmar stretched to about thousands of Kilometers. Hence due to its vicinity to ‘Golden Triangle’ area, one of the world’s major opium producing regions, the drug trafficking situation in Mizoram has remained a matter of grave concern. The illegal cultivation of Opium/Cannabis has also added a further dimension to the Narcotics problems of the region. These illegal cultivation of illicit drugs has happen mainly in the eastern part of Mizoram along the Mizoram-Myanmar border. Most of the illicit drugs like Brown sugar, Opium, Heroine, Ganja etc. are coming mainly from Myanmar to India via Champhai (Mizoram) route. As a result of this, drug trafficker and drug peddlers spread across Mizoram and hence drug abuse is very common among the youths Mizoram. To counter these drug traffickers, smugglers etc. Government of Mizoram had established a Special Narcotic Police Station has succeeded in detecting Drug traffickers to a large extent.


Strength and Functions:

• Strength: Inspr-1, SI-3, HC-3, Const-6, IV Grade-1 Driver-1, Total-15.

Sl No Work
1. Seizure and recovery of Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances, and Controlled Substances.
2. Registration and investigation of ND&PS cases.
3. Seizure and recovery of illegal arms and ammunitions.
4. Seizure and recovery of Fake Indian Currency Note (FICN).